Sunday, April 20, 2014

Under a Month

Monday: I wore this khaki, pencil skirt (Target) with a black/tan patterned tank top (Maurices) and a plain black cardigan over top.  I love how dressy this outfit looks but it is still simple!

Tuesday: I wore grey pants with a dark plum t-shirt and floral over thing (no idea what to call that). =)  Note: same shoes from yesterday…they must be new!!!

Wednesday:  I wanted to be comfortable today because it is an early release and teacher's have inservice for the last couple hours of the day.  I wore these coral skinny jeans (JCPenny) with a tan shirt and this great, little jean vest (Target)!  It is still a little chilly so I had to go back to boots.  :(

Thursday: Happy end of the week!  Yay!!  We are calling it jeans day!  Go Falcons!!!

As I am finally getting to posting these pictures, I realize that we have just about a month of school left. Yay!  I absolutely love my class, my school, and my job but there is nothing better than the feeling of summer knocking on your door!!!!

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