Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busily Grateful

  Our boys play at the district tournament tonight so I thought I should wear some Eagle basketball gear! Go Eagles!!!!

  Game day! I wore this bi-length skirt with a peach, collared shirt and jean jacket.  I love how the layers worked out in the back of this outfit.

  Since last night was a late night because of our game, I figured I would dress more comfortable today. I wore these dark blue crop pants with brown boots and tan vest.  To jazz it up a little, I paired the shirt/vest with a pink and white chevron scarf.

  Last home game!  Since I am totally tired of black and orange, I went a different route today then it turned out that all 3 coaches wore a shade of green today, call it fate or destiny (or spending too much time together).  I wore this simple black dress with my jean jacket and new scarf from Pick Your Plum.  I think these scarfs were about $3 each.  I love the soft, t-shirt like material and the multiple patterns.

  Happy Friday! Sorry this picture is so blurry.  For Spirit day, I wore jeans with my new basketball pullover.

As I was talking to my mom yesterday, I began complaining about being so busy and how basketball and teaching takes all of my time.  

In that instant, I realized how ungrateful I was being for something that is beyond measure in my life.  Instead of complaining about a lack of time and being busy, I instead want to be grateful for the wonderful opportunity that coaching has allowed me.  Not only has it given us an extra financial boost, but the relationships I have built and the day to day reward from the players is beyond compare.  It seems that every time I talk to someone (family, friends) and they ask how it is going, my immediate response is busy.  

Well no kidding!  

That is called life.
I have resolved to no longer look at my life as only busy but rather be grateful for the opportunity of being busy and involved each and every day!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last Seconds Count the Most

Monday:  Today's outfit is grey dress pants (New York & Company) and a long lavender shirt from Target.  I think I found my new favorite place to buy dress pants.  New York and Company has the perfect sizes for me including long for length!

Tuesday: Game Day! Here is my black and orange for the day.  I love this maxi skirt because it has the small slits on each side.  I paired this outfit with gold jewelry because the flats I wore have gold accents.

Wednesday: Today I paired colored skinny jeans with a black and khaki stripped shirt.  The shirt is tank sleeves so I had to wear a cardigan over top.

Thursday: I have on the same dark blue dress pants (Target) that I have worn multiple times.  I paired them with this beige top and green and brown infinity scarf.  I love these pants because they are so simple but I struggle with buying pants from Target because they never fit my length and waist.  

Friday: Last game day for the week!  I paired this long, black pencil skirt with a long sleeve orange shirt.  This khaki blazer is from high school but always looks classy.

My positive moment for the week comes from Friday night's games.  We beat one of the toughest teams in our districts in two very close games.  Both teams showed true character and work ethic to pull off close wins.  I was so proud of those girls!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

100 Days Smarter

Here are my outfits for the week. 

Grey dress pants with a plum shirt and black cardigan.  This outfit is very simple, but looks professional.

Since it was a game day, I tried to dress neutral (because you hate to wear the other team's colors by accident).  I wore black pants (from high school- I really should get new ones but I love these) with a grey and white stripped shirt.  I also took a picture of my earrings.  These are new black pearls from when I was in Hawaii.  They were the only thing I wanted to buy when I was there!!!

Today, I decided I was going to wear skinny jeans with this long sweater.  This sweater is always a challenge for me but I think it works best with jeans.

Happy 100th Day of School!!  We had quite the celebration today including our students dressed like they were 100 years old.  I wished I could dress up with them, but...
Today was a BIG game day because we play the town we co-op with for other sports.  I wore this simple black dress with tights and black flats.  I accented my outfit with gold jewelry and gold on my shoes.  I love that this dress looks simple but has so much character with the slit sleeves.  
Today was also my positive moment for the week.  We did a 100th day of school writing activity.  Students wrote about what they could eat 100 of, what they could note at 100 of, how they would feel if they are 100 years old, and what they would do with $100.  My favorite response was, "If I had 100 dollars, I would help poor people."  Nothing melts my heart more than when my kids want to help others!

Spirit Friday!!  
I have on my new basketball shirt that says "In It to WIN It."  I love these new shirts.

I usually do not post weekend outfits but I just love how this one came together.  I really was not sure about it and really only knew I wanted to wear these pants for comfort.  Then I decided on this black shirt with a light orange shirt underneath (game day, go figure).  I then paired it with my black and gold shoes and therefore gold accessories also.  My favorite part (that came at the last minute) is the leopard print belt.  It adds a little pop of character without being overwhelming!!!  
The other assistant coach and I were discussing having to "waste" an outfit on a Saturday game meaning that we hate to wear an outfit we really like on Saturdays because you don't get to double duty the outfit for all day at school also.  ;)  This was my "waste" outfit for the week so I am glad that I still get to share it on here!