Friday, January 31, 2014

Lost My Mind

I honestly have no idea when I wore this outfit, but here are the pictures so I must have worn it sometime recently…
Since I have not been very good about updating my blog everyday, I have decided that I am going to post by the week.  I will do one week of outfits at a time.  I hope that makes me better at keeping up.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love Birthday Gifts

Today we started school 2 hours late so I had all of the time in the world to get ready but of course, I threw together an outfit at the last minute because I wanted to play with my puppy instead of getting ready for work.  These pants have been worn multiple times, but I always come back to them for comfort.  They are dark blue dress pants from Target.  My mom sent me this new shirt for my birthday. I love the pink with the dark blue and brown boots.
I wanted to take a picture of my watch and bracelet because I also wore this bracelet yesterday and it felt too delicate for my wrist.  Today, I decided to wear it on the same hand as my watch and I love the way it looks! Oh the simple joys in life!
Today, I am thankful for my supportive husband.  No matter what might get thrown at me in a day (which is a lot when you just come back from 5 days off of work and coaching) he always finds a way to turn everything positive.  He continues to encourage me, support ALL of the things I think I should be involved in, and take care of our pup when I am never home until after 10 pm.  I could not be more grateful for my partner in crime! =)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Present Days Later

This wonderful skirt I got for my birthday is perfect to wear on game days.  My sister knows me too well!!! I wore the skirt with black tights, boots, and shirt.  I kept the rest of the outfit simple because the skirt has so much character of its own!  It is also perfect for game day because the skirt is orange and grey.  

I want to get back on track with writing one positive thing that happened to me each day or one thing I am thankful for.  Today I am thankful for vacations (just back from 10 days in Hawaii) but even better, I am thankful for coming home to 14 excited first graders!  Nothing makes your heart happier than 14 7-year-olds excited to see you!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Got My Fix

In a previous post I had mentioned a wonderful website called StitchFix.  To see that post, look here: Outfit 34
Here is my referral link if you are interested in ordering from StitchFix.  It gives me a discount and then you can pass on your referral link to all of your friends.
This cute polka dot shirt is out of my box.  I paired it with skinny jeans, black boots, and a pink scarf to add a little pop.  The sweater is so soft.  I am so impressed with the high quality of clothing that comes from Stitch Fix.

This will be my last outfit for a little over a week as I am headed to Hawaii for my honeymoon!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coaching Style

Here is my coaching style for the day.  Basic khaki pants with our team warm up jackets. These pants are from New York & Company.  We have an away game today so I want to be comfortable for the drive.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Dress

Here is a new dress that I picked up from a little boutique in the mall. It was 60% off, SCORE! And I had a gift card from one of my kiddos gave me a gift card, so essentially it was free!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quarter Century and Counting

Today is my birthday and since I am turning the big 25 (quarter century) I figured I would just not make a big deal and it would sneak by without too many people noticing.  
Oh, how wrong could I have been?!?!  

I had a slight idea something might be coming because when my friend Becky had her birthday earlier this year, we snuck into her room and "decorated."  I make sure to put that in quotes because our idea of decorating included flipping all of her desks upside down, throwing candy all over the room, and hanging streamers everywhere.  
When I showed up this morning, I thought to myself "Yes, they did not get in my classroom!"  The morning kept progressing and I knew I was off the hook…
In come waltzing 2 teachers who yell "Happy Birthday" and pop balloons!!!  Not only did they disrupt my class, the balloons were filled with confetti.  
Hehe so funny.  
Still not a big deal, until balloons 3, 4, 5, 6, …. you get the picture.  25 balloons later, we have barely made it through math and my floor looks like the Easter bunny threw up.  
Needless to say, today I am grateful to work with such a fun staff!  Thank you to everyone that popped a balloon today!!!

On a side note, it is also a game day so here is my game day outfit.  These new pants are from New York & Company.  They were having a great sale this weekend 30-70% everything in the store with an additional 20% off if you shopped before 3pm.  I got 3 new pairs of dress pants and 3 long sleeve shirts for $65!!!  The pants are similar to sweatpant material but look dressed up, double score!!I paired them with a simple white 3/4 length shirt and black cardigan.  I am wearing a beautiful diamond necklace from my in-laws (still weird to say)!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

School was cancelled today because of the extreme cold (laugh it up now you Wyoming folk).   I usually do not post an outfit picture of a non-school day but since we were originally supposed to have school, I posted one anyway.  My outfit is skinny jeans (mom's consignment store), brown boots (on sale from Famous Footwear, white shirt (on sale at New York & Company), scarf (one of my kiddos for Christmas), and vest (grandpa for Christmas about 4 years ago).  This outfit is simple but the layers are so necessary because of the extreme cold, -20* without the windchill.

Today, I want to be thankful for the way life works out.  It would be easy to be mad or frustrated by the extremely cold temperatures but instead I am grateful for the opportunity.  It is amazing how life works. School got cancelled and of course the social security office called to let me know that they needed me to come in person.  Well had school not been cancelled, I would not have been able to run to Fargo and would have had to take a day off from school (which most of you know is impossible since I am maxed out on days off for this year).  I am grateful when the puzzle pieces of life fit together!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Today I am wearing a simple, long, blue maxi skirt.  I have worn this skirt multiple times because it works well in every season.  I did try and "spring" it up a little bit today because it is FREEZING (literally like -27* on my way to school), so I needed a little brightness in my life today!  I paired it with  a salmon colored long sleeve and floral print scarf.  My scarf is from Kohl's.  It is not an infinity scarf but I saw this great tutorial from Pinterest that shows you how to make an infinity scarf out of a regular scarf.  Even better is it as so easy to do!  Here is the link: It is number 6 and I just leave mine tied like that.  I did have to wear boots with my outfit today since it is so cold outside but I would have much rather worn my cream, lace Toms with this outfit.  Maybe this Spring...

Even though it is only 7:30 am, I already know what I am thankful for today…
I am thankful for school holiday breaks.  There are not too many professions that give you 2 weeks off at Christmas.  I am so grateful that my career does!  It was so rejuvinating to have so much time off.  If you asked Travis, he would say otherwise about me having so much time off.  I am not every good at doing nothing, but it is still nice to have the option!